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Social Responsibility


Social Responsibility

75th Anniversary

Fadel Group has proudly celebrated its 75th Anniversary in 2011 thus reaching a new milestone in the lifetime of a family business. The next 25 years will focus on the Group’s ability to consolidate the past year’s expansion plan and solidify its core competences.

We will continue to strive for leadership in servicing the education and health segments in Middle East and Africa region. Our perception of change will lead us to consider embarking into new industry ventures that complement our vision and mission statements over the coming decades.

The human element will still remain centerpiece to our business philosophy and therefore human resource development will be an ever growing function within the Group.

We believe that the times ahead will both be challenging and exciting. Our strong faith in the future will be the driving force behind our success. Our history will help us learn from the past and better perfect future projections.

We are committed to pass on our values from one generation to the other. It makes our business look more like a vocation than a simple enterprise. This will only be made possible by the collective long-term commitment of our suppliers, our customers and our internal staff.

Together we can take the Group to the next century!
Toufic N. Fadel
Fadel Group