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Social Responsibility


Social Responsibility


Fadel Group was established in 1936 in Beirut by its founder Fouad N. Fadel and his brother Toufic N. Fadel who is presently the Chairman of the Group. The Latter came back in 1945 from a long banking career in Italy (Banca Di Roma).

Fouad & Toufic Fadel & Co was the first Company in the Group. It represented the interests of the Finnish Paper Mills Association under Finnpap, Finnboard and Finncell (and Converta) in Lebanon. This covered most of the Finnish production of pulp, paper, board and tissue paper.

« Fadel Group was established in 1936 in Beirut »
In 1954, the second Company was established under the name Droguerie Fouad Fadel & Co. – Chaoui & Fadel. Both Mr. Emile Chaoui and Mr. Fouad N. Fadel partnered together for the promotion of pharmaceuticals as Agents for F. Hoffmann La Roche – Switzerland. However in 1957, Mr. Fouad N. Fadel passed away and Mr. Toufic N. Fadel replaced him. In 1974, Mr. Emile Chaoui sold his shares in the Company and Mr. Toufic Fadel became the only shareholder.

In 1993, the sons of Mr. Toufic Fadel, Fouad and Najib, joined both Companies. In 1995, the old Company Omnicolor Sarl was revived with a new focus on the retail sales of print and digital media in Lebanon.

The expansion outside Lebanon started in 2002 with the creation of an offshore arm named Fortrade Offshore S.A.L. The first branch office outside Lebanon was opened in Baghdad-Iraq in 2000. In 2007, Fadel Group set foot in North Africa with a local operation in Algeria and Tunisia.

In 2010, a joint-stock Company between Fadel Group, A.K Muhaidib & Sons and Golden Grain was formed under the name: The Specialists International Company for Food & Feed Additives Ltd. Located in Jeddah - Saudi Arabia and operating a warehouse in Riyadh, it focuses on the sales of ingredients for the Food, Pharma, and Personal Care industrial sector in KSA.

Later in 2010, another entity was created between Fadel Group and Boulos Group under the name Paper & Co. Offshore SAL to trade in pulp, paper and board products in Nigeria and West Africa.

In 2011, Fadel Group invested in a new Company called Shippers Ltd. to take care of its in-house freight forwarding and logistics functions.

Last but not least, Fadel Group conscious of its social responsibility has launched a Foundation in 2010 under the name: Fondation Fouad & Toufic Fadel whose main role among others is to assist bright and needy scholars in turning their outstanding talents and brilliant ideas into concrete business opportunities.