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Human Nutrition and Health

They are Fine Chemicals and Active Ingredients used as raw materials that go into the production of Food & Beverages as well as dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics finished products.

A list of Food, Pharma and Personal Care ingredients are available in Fadel Group’s wide portfolio of products

Flavors, Emulsions and Flavor Compounds

Flavoring solutions and systems give taste, texture and mouth-feel to most food and beverage products.  In beverages, we flavor drinks, nectars, instant powders, carbonated and still beverages. In Dairy products, we bring taste to ice creams, cheeses, yoghurt, desserts and UHT milk. In confectionary, we flavor biscuits, candies, chewing and in baking, we add flavor to cakes, muffins, bread…etc
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We divide perfume into three different categories:
  • Industrial perfumes for liquid powder detergents, soaps, all-purpose cleaners, floor cleaners and air freshener
  • Personal Care fragrances for shampoo, shower gel, creams, lotions, gel and sprays
  • Fine Fragrance for Eau de Cologne, Eau de Toilette, Deodorants, and roll on
We offer the highest quality fragrances providing formulations for any end-use application
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Vitamins and Premixes

With a growing global awareness for nutritional food and beverage products, vitamins and vitamin-mineral premix blends are becoming a necessity. We customize your blends to reach optimal targets in line with International Standards of RDI per serving to satisfy particular label claims. Standard and customized formulations and premix blends are available. We offer technical advice on Required Daily Allowances (RDA) and provide ready-made solutions suited to your beverage, dairy or baked product.
We also engage in nationwide staple food fortification programs with local health authorities to apply on flour, rice or sugar.
We also supply straights, blends, formulations and technical advice to pharmaceutical companies willing to embark on neutraceutical and dietary supplement Direct Compression or Soft/Hard gel capsule lines.

Vitamins are also becoming an integral part of Cosmetic preparations and Personal Care products. We provide formulations, blends and straights to hair care and skin care product manufacturers.
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Food colors are essential to beverages but they can have nutritional benefits too if they are pre-cursors of Vitamin A. Such is the case for Beta-Carotene and Apocarotenal. We offer different product forms in powder, emulsion and liquid for various applications in beverage, oils and margarine and cheese. The color gamut ranges from yellow to orange to red.
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Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA)

EPA, ARA, and DHA often known as Omega-3 and Omega-6 are crucial ingredients for cardiovascular health in adults and mental health and cognitive development in children. We provide the most extensive range of PUFA ingredients in various product forms suitable for any application in oil, margarine, cheese, butter, dairy, beverages and dietary supplements
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Skin Actives and UV Filters

We offer the broadest range of plant-based extracts and skin actives that impart firming, whitening and moisturizing effect to the human skin. We also supply the widest range of UV-A and UV-B (PARSOL) sunscreen filters for sun lotions and cream applications.
We offer emulsifiers that help integrate the oily and aqueous phases in cosmetic formulations.
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Dietary Fibers

Inulin and Oligo-fructose are becoming an integral part of our daily food. We offer them for beverage, dairy, bakery, cereal snack and breakfast cereal products.
They are praised for their pre-biotic (digestive health), texture improving and weight management effects. We supply different forms for various food and beverage applications.
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They are an essential ingredient for the production of yoghurt and cheese. They impart texture, flavor, structure and mouthfeel. We are able to customize different culture strains for different product applications. Our cultures are available as direct-set or bulk-set, frozen or lyophilized for specific taste profiles. They also endow a pro-biotic effect that helps digestion
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Used in bread, fine baking and dairy (cheese and milk) products, enzymes increase the efficiency of production process while enhancing taste, appearance, performance and shelf-life. We offer a wide range for bakeries, flour mills and cake-makers. We also provide dairy milk producers with lactase for their lactose-free versions. We also provide cheese makers with rennets that accelerate the production process
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Health Concepts

These are standard and customized blends that are sold to food and dietary supplements manufacturers intending to address and prevent specific health concerns and nutritional deficiencies through value-added nutritional solutions.
Vision, Cardiovascular health, Osteoporosis, digestive health, weight management, diabetes, beauty from within, immunity building and much more…are health concepts for which we have adequate solutions and product offerings.
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