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Animal Nutrition and Health

It addresses the nutritional needs of intensive production of poultry, ruminants, large animals and aqua culture by offering an extensive range of products and solutions backed by profound technical know-how and strong scientific evidence.

Fadel group offers the following product portfolio for Animal Nutrition and Health


The whole range of vitamins in different product forms is available for the feed millers, feed compounders, and premix and concentrate producers. We provide services on best formulations and best mixing practices and recommended carriers according to the latest EU-RDA recommendations for broilers, layers, breeders, turkey, dairy cows and fattening calves. Vitamin quality we supply is of the highest standards in terms of product form ensuring stability, flowability, mixability and bioavailability.
The range is extensive: Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, Biotin, Niacin, Folic Acid, K and other amino acids like Choline Chloride, Methionine and Lysine.
New innovative products are also available like Hy-D specially developed to enhance skeletal strength in poultry to resist intensive production processes.
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Feed cost efficiency is a constant challenge to feed millers and feed compounders in today’s escalating commodity prices. We offer solutions through the use of enzymes to reduce feed costs. Our Phytase (Ronozyme NP) allows flexibility in feed formulations with lower includion rates of inorganic phosphate. Our Protease (Ronozyme ProAct) reduces feed costs by maximizing protein utilization and improving nutritional value. It also complements the activity of digestive enzymes.
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Medicinal Feed Additives

Being the market leaders for science-based feed additives, we offer the broadest range of chemical and biological ionophores and anti-coccidials designed to help ensure the health and welfare of poultry and maximize productivity by lowering mortality rates. Well known brands like Aurofac, Avatec, Cygro, Cycostat, Bio-cox and Salinomax are readily available in our stocks for farmers and feed compounders. Visit www.alpharma.com